The time has come! You get your keys to a new apartment and everything looks pretty standard until…you get to measure the space. Sometimes it turns out what was supposed to be a 4,5 sqm bathroom ends up in 4,3 and this really makes a difference. This was the case of this project. Very early on, we found out that only with precise measurements we could fit what was essential and decide on nice-to-haves of our Clients.

Exactly for this reason, we always recommend to confirm the actual size of rooms on-site. Only this way you can select a specific washing machine with a dryer and a custom built cabinet to fit it into.

However, is there any way to gain extra cm in a reduced space? Of course, interior design professionals have some well-studied options in hand! Big mirrors are definitely at the top of the list, but remember that ideally you should get there a reflection of something visually attractive.  In a small bathroom, it can be a bathtub area accentuated with original tiles. We really love how we obtained this effect with glossy ceramics from Spanish Equipe brand. Not only they “add extra cm” with their shine, but also create a mosaic with their natural imperfections.

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