We already mentioned that we pay special attention to bathrooms. If you analyze entire apartment, these are the interiors requiring the biggest money investment per square meter. Some of you may ask is that really the case. Well, you need to consider the fact that usually all of bathroom walls are finished with tiles and their prices can really vary depending on design, country of origin and size. On top of that, you need to install ceramic sanitary elements and durable fittings. All of that can get pricy if you look for a good quality or you really want something trendy.

Speaking about trends, we see them come and go. Exactly for this reason, we propose to our Clients to invest in materials that are timeless and blend them with some of their absolute favorite selections. In small bathrooms, which is the case of most of apartments (less frequently in one-family houses); a great option is to go with a light-toned large tile. It not only makes the space visually bigger, but also; when contrasted with warmer color; results in a very balanced visual composition. This family bathroom in Grzegórzki is a perfect example of this symbiosis represented by whitish Tau Ceramics and stunning Flaviker wood alike tile.

Beautiful materials can stand on their one, but as long as we design for people, we prioritize functionality. This is how we came up with Ventana Sur rules for bathroom design that we try to follow: 1. If it’s intimate or not that aesthetical per se, it should not stand out; 2. Emphasize what’s beautiful 3. Always add accent color/material. In our October posts, we will talk more these guidelines, but below you can already check out how they look applied in this cozy bathroom.

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