Almost a 100-year old house and a family of 5. Among them, two princesses with very defined tastes. It’s such an experience to work with children. Firstly because you really need to try to meet up to their expectations (they will let you know quickly if you nailed it!). Secondly, you need to consider practical observations of parents and how they see the functionality of a designated space.

Here the goal was a harmonious interior design for two young individuals and a furniture that could last for a couple of years. Although we love custom-built and/or vintage furniture, we think Ikea has some great pieces that can fit into kids room. Look at these Busunge beds that can in fact work throughout entire life of our children. For storage, the most popular option (and for a reason!) is Kallax line which with simple hacks can include also first desk area.

Another must-have element in such spaces are accent walls. The easiest way is to paint one with a selected color. If you are worried about how it turns out, simply get some samples and try them out on cardboard placed on the designated wall. It’s important to see how the light operates and if a more delicate tone wouldn’t be a better option. If you are not afraid of color, you can play even with two walls. Here we did it by mixing paint with a wallpaper, both having in common a generic palette of the room. We think it brought a lot of harmony to the space as well as symmetrical beds for the girls.

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