Architecture, Interior Design and Author's Supervision.


We start working on the project by getting to know our client and the space to be designed. We take time to analyze needs, lifestyle, tastes, but also characteristics of the interior of our clients. The information collected is the starting point for creation of functional schemes (2D projections), and then, implementation of a conceptual design in the form of hyper realistic 3D visualizations. A detailed technical documentation (socket layout, lighting, and heating location etc.) and information on the amount of finishing materials is attached to the project.

Depending on client’s needs, we provide customized furniture design (kitchen and bathroom furniture, built-in cabinets, benches, etc.).

Based on the conceptual design described above, we select specific finishing materials, furniture, lighting, textiles and decorative elements. We offer the possibility to visit branch stores with our clients, as well as provision of built-in elements from our subcontractors.

Depending on client’s needs, we provide customized furniture design (kitchen and bathroom furniture, built-in cabinets, benches, etc.).

Having in mind absolute comfort of our investors, we supervise all the finishing works carried out by our proven subcontractors’ team. In addition, we advise our clients on the purchase and renovation of properties as well as all the other issues regarding the adaptation of space to current needs.

We offer our services in Polish, English, Spanish and Portuguese – if you are a foreigner, you can stay assured your needs will be understood.

Unique times ask for unique solutions. Considering 2020 situation and safety of our clients and contractors, we offer 100% online interior design services. Although personal approach is what we care most about, we are respectful of current business and public health conditions. That is why we offer all of our consultation meetings online as well as visits to virtual shops. For clients requiring supervision of works, we continue to provide them observing highest standards of safety (max. 2 people at the property, masks, min. 2m distance etc.) and/or via video communication.

Modern methods. Same dedication and quality.


We have extensive experience in institutional and commercial interior design services in Poland and Argentina. While working on the conceptual design of such properties we focus on main functions of a given space, modern technical solutions, and above all, the character of the enterprise.


Custom-made furnishings

We create 100% individual furniture designs that consider client’s needs. Furniture is usually crafted directly by Ventana Sur or our proven carpenters.


Architecture, Interior Design and Author's Supervision.

Our Portfolio is constantly updated. We invite you to visit it regularly!

Ventana Sur

Architecture, Interior Design and Author's Supervision.

Ventana Sur is a window that opens to a new perspective. The studio focuses on the aspects of interior design that are not common in the local offer. It is a unique southern style combined with contemporary needs, which results in a dialogue of aesthetics, functionality and form.

We offer a professional, comprehensive service to each individual client to design a space/scheme to suit your needs, style, timeframe and budget.

We also provide complete house arrangements. We create high-class projects that consider individual style of our clients as well as modern architectural solutions.

We invite to contact people from Kraków and the surrounding areas, including foreigners who need help in carrying out interior designs from A to Z.

A new look at the everyday perception of space – that’s Ventana Sur.


Born in Argentina into a family with Polish roots, Ezequiel Suarez is an architecture graduate from the prestigious Universidad de Belgrano with a long-time professional career in South America, and recently also in Poland.

His works include projects in compact living spaces as well as renovation of historic buildings, arrangements of single-family houses, as well as designs of commercial properties and institutions.

In his work, Suarez applies his unique experience combining lifestyle ideas from the majestic Buenos Aires, inspiration from international travels and his current life in Krakow.

Why Ventana Sur?

In our work, we prioritize the needs and lifestyle of our clients. We create functional spaces in which the timeless aesthetics are complemented with original character.

We believe that functional and beautiful interiors do not have to be reserved only for wealthy people. That is why we offer our design services at reasonable prices for each of our clients.

Ventana Sur is primarily known for its personalized approach and a sincere desire to offer quality life in each space.

Are you planning to buy an apartment?

Are you a foreigner and need help in finishing your apartment?

Do you need help in arrangement of a “difficult” space?

Are you missing time to choose finishing materials?

Are you afraid of renovation?

Do you want to live in a coherent interior that reflects your personality?

Are you looking for a professional advice?

Are you opening a new business branch and want customers to come back to it?

If you answered "YES" to at least one of these questions, we will be happy to help you.



We create solutions for your interior.

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