Many of our clients are foreigners who decide to settle down in Cracow. They come from different places but all of them share a dream to create a personalized space where their personality and likes are reflected. Today we will show you how we approached a project where kitchen is a true command center of home.

Ventana Sur Studio comes across many new-built apartments. The majority of them is of a reasonable size, yet often does not enable to include all of the elements, which you normally would fit into a house. Our clients as absolute cooking and get-together lovers wished to have a full size table and a kitchen island. Unfortunately, the space we counted with was not sufficient for both of these items. In response, we proposed this “living table” concept – a kitchen island that functions as a massive countertop while at the same time acts as a large table to host dinners.

When you cook a lot, not only you need space to prepare all the goodies, but also to store all the kitchen appliances as well as food products. We replaced a typical U-shape pantry by customized open and closed shelves, which go along the walls. Behind cabinet doors our Clients can also hide some items which are used in their adjacent organic garden such as extra plates, pitchers, pots and textiles. This is a truly multifunctional kitchen in the lovely neighborhood of Dębniki!

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