When you are about to become parents, everything changes. It’s one of the biggest life revolutions and it is also reflected in how you use your home. The truth is the sooner you start arranging space for the newborn, the better. But don’t worry, it does not have to be difficult! Below you will find 3 easy steps to create a modern nursery ideal to spend time with your princess or prince.

First, start with a color palette. There’s a sort of convention to use pinks for girls and blues for boys. Yet, a modern design and, quite frankly, your personality can question such well-worn patterns. You can definitely opt for some neutral colors, such as whites and greys and decide on supplemental or accent color. In this project, we went with a classical light blue which was a perfect match for our Clients and hopefully their baby boy.

Secondly, think about functionality. First months require lots of time spend on nursing, diaper changes and, fortunately, baby’s sleep. Think about comfortable furniture to meet these needs. On the other hand, remember that these evolve in relatively short time and a nursery becomes a toddler’s room where she/he mostly plays and you store all of his (multiplying) belongings. That is why, do not go into obsession of filling every little corner of the room with an object. Leave empty space, a big rug to play and some functional cabinets, such as these Ikea’s Stuva line. For smaller and everyday items, get some practical and pretty baskets. There’s a wide variety of them available in Allegro as well as stationary shops.

Last, but not least, give it a bold statement. A simple room becomes a baby’s kingdom with fun pieces such as a distinctive lamp or a 3d name description. We also encourage you to do something unique with one wall. You can select an adorable wallpaper or even try to paint something yourself with help of YT tutorials. In Mateo’s room we opted for wallpaper with cute animals from tapetuj.pl and his beautiful name placed just above the cradle.

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