When we met these clients, we knew from day one this project would be exciting! A globetrotter couple with open mind to do whatever they dream of while at the same time bringing to the table so much of their personality and ideas. The plan was to design their living space in a 10-year old log house.

One of the first spaces that needed immediate attention was the bathroom. The goal here was to create a unique space where both masculine and feminine characters would be represented. Another key element was clients’ love to Balinese baths, spaces focused on relax and built with natural materials, light and greenery.

Ezequiel Suarez, Ventana Sur Studio’s main architect, made an early stage sketch showing a free standing tub on a wooden deck and it clicked. The softness of wood was asking for a contrast, a masculine accent of the space. That is how the main wall received a stone finishing. In this surrounding, a walk-in shower and stone sinks blended in harmoniously.

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