At Ventana Sur Studio every interior design project starts with clients and their needs. We love to get to know the people who will live in a given space. This time we are bringing you to an enchanting area of Libertów, on the outskirts of Cracow. This is where our clients decided to settle down and create their dream home.

The décor for this kitchen was straightforward from the beginning: Scandinavian cleanness and coziness. What was more challenging was to create a functional layout fitting all desired elements: sink by the window, big island, floating shelves etc. and play it nicely with a chimney. With right measurements and some concessions, everything was possible.

Safety was another important aspect, as young children will also use the space. That is why we found a perfect solution for the chimney from Miro-Les Foyers which not only harmoniously blends into the interior, but also has a glass protection to keep the flames isolated.

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