When arranging apartments many people focus on bathrooms and kitchens. Naturally, there are some solid arguments to do so. Firstly, bathroom finishing is considered the most expensive per sqm. Secondly, we use kitchens a lot and its design has to be 100% functional, especially when your space is limited. In such context, living room often gets underestimated and tend to receive minimal attention. Yet, from our experience we can tell you, it should be all the opposite!

When we ask our Clients to tell us about how much use they give to specific spaces and what kind of feelings they have towards them, very often we hear they spend time mostly in their living room. They also often say that after a hard day of work, this interior should make them feel chilled and entertained. What it means in practice? In some projects, we will focus on a reading nook; but in a vast majority, we will prioritize a space with a comfortable sofa where one can cool down with a good movie. In this design, we were after a sectional made for those who really need some rest without losing an elegant character. There are plenty of well-priced options in the market, but for those who want to invest in quality, we recommend checking out 50-year old Belgian brand Rom specializing in beautiful premium furniture.

On the opposite wall, we wanted to place a TV in a strategic spot, yet in such a way it would blend with the rest of the space. A custom-made furniture was an ideal solution as it also gave a possibility to secure some extra storage and expose a book collection. The entire unit received a   modern touch with light grey fronts and wooden laths on the right side.

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